Whether for the experienced hunter or for those who want to learn, the Dulong outfitter is the hunting destination for a memorable experience. Indeed, our abundant natural resources and the vast territory allow a diversified and quality hunting. The outfitter therefore offers several types of hunting: black bear, small game and waterfowl.

Bear Hunting

The outfitter has guided spring black bear hunting for almost 50 years. We have a well established territory with several bait sites which makes it possible to satisfy each hunter. The baiting period is from early May to late June. Each site is baited every two days, taking care to use quality products. In order to provide comfort to the hunter, a watchtower is installed for each bait. Some watchtowers can accommodate two hunters for those wishing to try the duo experience. In addition, the guide will take care of offering you a professional service to fully enjoy your stay.

Note that in Quebec, it is allowed to use several types of weapons: bow, crossbow, rifle, rifle or black powder. The spring hunt takes place from May 15 to June 30.

  • Sale of permits on site
  • Multi-year experience guide at your service
  • Accompaniment of the hunter for the tracking of the animal
  • Evisceration Service of the Beast
  • Cold room to store bear and meat

Small games hunting

The mixed forest surrounding the outfitter allows a variety of small game including grouse (commonly known as the partridge), the Canadian tetra as well as the hare. In addition, an extensive network of forest roads is nearby. From this network, several trails are accessible. Indeed, it is possible to make your expedition by mountain bike, by vehicle or by walking. Enough to fill any type of hunter. If you wish, your hunting dog is welcome.

  • Service de guide est offert
  • Evisceration Service
  • Access to a freezer for catches

Waterfowl Hunting

The outfitter is privileged by its geographical position which welcomes several species of migratory birds during the fall season. This gives rise to gatherings of dabbling ducks, divers and an abundance of Canada geese. As the birds are constantly migrating, our types of hunting are adapted accordingly. It is therefore possible to hunt in the field, in marshes and by boat on large bodies of water. The guide and his dog will accompany you and bring you to the right place to experience a successful hunt. Note that hunting usually takes place from mid-September to November depending on weather conditions.